Pansexual • Polyamorous • Progressive • Socialist • Atheist

I’m an out and loud openly sexual queer nonbinary nudist hippie! I mainly talk about my OCs, games, opinions, nudity and sex on my social networking accounts. I'm very open about all of my interests and I like to express it (much to everyone else's dismay).

I believe that nudity shouldn't be considered sexual, while also believing that people should be allowed to express their sexuality in any way they want! As far as I'm concerned, as long as consent is respected, people should be allowed to express whatever interests them, no matter the content. So I post content that aligns with that way of thinking.

I'm also a very vocal progressive, so that means I commonly post about topics related to social justice and economic inequality.

All my accounts contain some form of the above, so proceed at your own risk!

Latest Blog Post

New site who dis

I finally finished the redesign on my website! I mean, I know that no one is going to bother reading anything I write (cuz who cares?) but still.

I’ll probably just use this blog for yapping about my opinions on a range of topics, and talking about things in my life. I don’t have any specifics yet though. It honestly probably won’t be very focused.

I also want to add some other stuff to the site when I get more time. It’d be nice to have an area to upload my writing since most other social media sites aren’t very friendly to writers. Plus, I’d love to have a place to upload my photos and art commissions. Though it took me like six months to finish this redesign so who knows when that’s going to happen.

Anyway I hope the one person who accidentally ends up here likes the new site!

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What gender are you?

I just identify as "non-binary" and use neutral pronouns such as they/them/their or e/em/eir. My relationship with gender is complicated and constantly evolving, so I don't feel comfortable getting any more specific than that. I try to be understanding when people make a mistake about my gender, but I do get very uncomfortable when people misgender me.

What is your sexual orientation?

I’m a polyamorous pansexual. I tend to form romantic and sexual bonds with friends who I’m close with. I form those bonds regardless of their gender identity. That being said, I tend to have a stronger sexual attraction toward people with masculine aesthetics. Basically, my sexuality can be somewhat complicated.

How come you’re naked all the time?

Short answer: I'm a nudist and I like it. Long answer: I tend to prefer the look and feeling of not having clothes covering myself all the time. I think having to wear clothes is a stupid requirement and the fact that naked bodies are almostly exclusively associated with sex is a damaging trait of our society.

Are you a naturist?

Yes! I just tend to use the "nudist" label since it's more recognizable to the average person. I use "nudist" and "naturist" interchangeably and identify with both labels.

How come you sometimes wear aviator gear in pictures?

I was interested in aviation when I was younger and developed a fascination with flying. Nowadays, I just like the look of them and it’s an easy way of identifying me.

What are your political beliefs?

I'm a collectivist who believes in total equality. I think society is better when everyone works together to reach a point where nobody gets left behind. In terms of U.S. political ideologies, I believe that a good starting point would be universal health care, universal basic income, and improved social welfare programs. However, in the long term, I think society would be better without money and social classes. Basically, I'm a Democratic Socialist with the long term goal of transitioning to a stateless Communist society.

I also believe in total social equality. I'm a feminist, I believe black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, and that all cops are bastards. Pride was a riot, after all.

Basically, I'm a highly progressive person who can't stand conservative ideology. I believe Republicans, Tories, and Conservatives around the world are fascists in all but name. I think Capitalism is slowly eroding society and our environment so the best course of action is for it to end.

How do you feel about religion?

When I was a kid, I was raised in the Catholic Church. I attended Catholic Religious Education courses and was on track to be confirmed into the Catholic faith. However, the more I read, the more I realized that the Bible (and by extension, all Abrahamic Religions) to be extremely violent and vile. I became an atheist because I refuse to follow the god of the Torah, who was happy murdering large groups of people (including children) and gave rise to some of the most bigoted and hateful societies in existence. I've spent my entire life being treated like dirt by those belonging to Abrahamic Religions for being queer. I don't think those religions should ever get a pass for the hatred they spread.

Not only that, but science has constantly debunked all the claims put forth by these religions. The holy books of Abrahamic Religions are outdated and it's time for us to move on.

That being said, I think the fault lies on religious ideologies and not the individual. I prefer to judge individuals instead of the religions they belong to. I believe that antisemitism and islamophobia are huge problems and it's ridiculous that it comes from Christians when their religions are extremely similar.

Are you a furry?

I dunno. I generally like furry art (including porn), and I technically have a “fursona”, but I’m not all that involved in the community and events surrounding the fandom.

Why are you pro-fiction?

I’ve had people doxx and sexually harass me for enjoying romantic and sexual themes they find “problematic”. I’ve been called a zoophile for enjoying furry art, and a pedophile for enjoying themes of romantic and sexual coming of age. I experienced sexual feelings starting at an extremely young age, and I thoroughly enjoy looking back on those fantasies of having a friend who I could be romantically and sexually open with. Being a closeted queer person in a queerphobic environment, this wasn’t an option for me even when it would’ve been healthy to do so. A good outlet for those frustrations as a kid is consuming related fiction as an adult.

Not to mention, I went through experiences as a teen where adults took advantage of my very strong sexual feelings. So, looking back at a time in my life where I felt my sexuality was truly my own is important to me.

At the end of the day though, a stranger’s sexuality isn’t anyone else’s business. As long as real life adult consent is respected, then it’s frankly no one else’s business. Policing people's thoughts is convservative fueled moral panic and I'm not here for that.

How come I’m blocked by you on social media?

I block accounts that post conservative ideals and incite harassment. This includes posts that run contrary to equal rights for discriminated minorities and marginalized genders, exclusionary posts, and moral panic pertaining to fiction. I use a tool to block those who interact positively with those posts, and followers of accounts that regularly post that kind of hateful rhetoric. However, sometimes that extension causes people to be blocked even if they didn't intend to be interacting with said content.